Does your child spend hours on social media watching video after video of dances, make up tutorials, gaming streams, cute cat videos or people falling over?

Have you ever barged into their room, possibly on purpose, to find them in front of their phone waving their arms around making a tik tok video?


It might seem strange what the kids film these days, but it really isn’t. It is just different, in a way we may not have considered. They are actually becoming content creators. And your child might just be a silly video away from trending, globally.


So let’s extend that idea a little.

What if they could channel this passion for filming into something more substantial,
creatively fulfilling and even profitable? With Young Filmmakers Academy they can.
Independent filmmaking is still one of the most effective creative outlets for our young
people. We constantly hear of people stumbling into success in film even when
starting with no budget, experience or formal film education.
We need to remember though that film is art, and art should be about individual
creativity, not individual opportunity.

Launching February 2021

What's included?

Monthly Online Video Content Program

  • Live Instruction, recording loaded into membership portal each month along with supporting documents to download. 

  • Video Q&A Calls, held twice per month to flush out ideas and ask questions with a live person.

  • FREE Entry Into Film Festival, held three times per year. Opportunity to win giveaways and prizes.

  • Industry Experts, hear from content creators and hear about their experience.


Toneka Wright is an award-winning filmmaker and owner of Black Filmmakers Academy, an online platform providing courses, workshops, and summits in various areas of filmmaking. The Academy focuses on categories such as acting, script writing, lighting techniques, obtaining distribution, leveraging social media and breaking into film festivals, just to name a few. 


As a young child her artistic endeavors were not encouraged.  She's allowed her children to pursue all of their passions.  She realizes young people growing up in a digital space is completely different than what she knew growing up and is creating the Young Filmmakers Academy as a space to assist young people with tapping into their talents.


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